This topic continues to pop up in our daily activities here at Steam Springs Media and everywhere else.  It’s become normal to dial 1, then dial 4, then dial 2, then wait on hold, finally get a live body (who has a heavy accent you can’t understand over the phone), then get transferred after “telling the story” AGAIN and then getting, yet again, transferred.  It’s insanity.  It’s the norm no matter who you talk to: Cell Phone Companies, Health Insurance Companies, Dental Insurance Companies, Cable Companies… you name it.  Each and every one of these types of companies have become essential to our daily lives, but they cause us such a high level of anguish that we become stressed out, angry and asking “Where has the lost art of Customer Service gone?”  And why is it an art?  Shouldn’t it be “usual and customary” to receive an answer?  To receive a call back from the “Supervisor” who said they would call you back?  It truly must be one of the reasons the general public walks around so angry.  It certainly makes US angry!


Let’s talk about a couple of specific companies.  Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield & Comcast. Feeling anxious already?  How about talking to all three of their Customer Service Representative in one day?!  That’s enough to make someone go truly nutty!  Well, we recently have dealt with these exact companies.  I’m happy to report that I am not nutty and have maintained my composure, but boy was it hard!  As a company who believes in principals, the “principal of the matter” is very important to us.


Maybe we’re an oxymoron of a company or maybe we’re seen as “old-fashioned”, but we do what we say we’re going to do. When a client joins our roster of super cool peeps, they know they’re part of the Steam Springs circle because the SEE the difference.  Their website will be built in the time we say it will be built.  And guess what?  If there’s a reason why it’s moving slowly, we’ll actually let you know!  Crazy, huh?  And when a client requests a video to be created for their company, guess what happens?  They actually get what they asked for!!  And more.