Color is essential when it comes to your marketing campaign!  As you begin to develop your “brand”, it’s important to consider color and all of it’s meanings.  When Steam Springs Media began, we wanted a color that reminded us of our favorite place; the beach!  So it became clear to us that blue & orange (the colors we saw in the beach) had to be our “brand colors”.   The color blue represents DEPENDABILITY and STRENGTH and Orange is FRIENDLY, CHEERFUL, CONFIDENCE.  We knew that’s what we were striving for.  It is imperative for our clients to know that we embrace all of these qualities.  This helps us to work on a creative level as a partnership.

When you’re thinking about color, remember this guide and what is important to you, personally and corporately.  Then choose your color that will become your “brand”.   Another thing to take into consideration when you’re choosing color is the other companies associated with those colors.  What companies to you think of when you think of trust?  When you think of optimism?  It’s interesting when you think of those companies and then look at this chart.

So when you’re choosing your colors for your logo, website & branding, choose colors that are important to you.  Make sure you like the colors too, you’ll be using them for a long time!