Using Social Media is essential to your business’ online reputation.  Social media is the new “word of mouth” and is the cheapest form of marketing, providing you with free profiles and the ability to upload interesting and relevant content like photos and video.  It also allows you the opportunity to gain follows, likes, reviews, tweets, retweets, shares, boosts… The list is endless!  The best part is that it also gives you insights and reporting into how your social media is performing.  All of this for free!  Now, the boosts do cost money, but we’ll cover that later.  Adding content through Social Media makes your business more relevant and searchable through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


First, let’s talk about social media venues.  At the top of the list is Facebook.  There are over 900 million user profiles on Facebook.  You need to get their attention!  In our opinion, Facebook is a MUST for any business.  Educate your clients, promote products you believe in, offer specials and celebrate achievements through posting, sharing and boosting.  As I said, boosting has a cost, but the great thing is it’s very economical! Just publish your post on your professional Facebook page, then click “boost post”. Set your own budget and define your target demographics.
Next, let’s talk Twitter.  It’s one of our top 3 because it’s very efficient.  Each post only allows 140 characters (including photos, URLs, spaces & commas), so although you have to condense your message, it gives you an opportunity to deliver a message without losing a reader’s attention with too many details.  Create a free profile.  Earn likes, follows, retweets, quotes, etc.
Third is Google+.  It should probably be #1, but for some reason whenever I talk about social media, I use their names in this order; Facebook, Twitter & Google+. It’s that simple.  The reason why Google+ is so important is because… DUH!!!  IT’S GOOGLE!!!  Who do we all want to be on the front page of?  Google.  Who pretty much owns the Earth now?  Google.  Who is no longer a noun, but also a verb? Google.  So, of course we want to be using Google+!  Here, you can create a profile, load pictures of your establishment, earn reviews and so much more.  Set up posts with as many words & pictures as you like, but try to keep it simple and interesting (just like any post) so that you can attract followers.
Using social media as a means to connect with your current client base as well as earn new clients is the most economical form of advertising, but it is very time consuming. There are also “rules” that need to be followed so that you don’t find yourself with a cease & desist in your mailbox.  Taking the time to educate yourself on the sharing of other site’s content is essential.  The internet is a big place, but it has the ability to be incredible searchable, so in the midst of finding content that will be interesting and relevant to your industry, you will also find a million other sites that can (and will) take your focus away from searching for your content. Be careful in your search as you could lose a lot of time just watching silly cat videos as a result!


For the average small business owner, your days are packed with phone calls, returns, employee questions, “putting out fires”, taxes, payroll, orders, expenses, insurance, payables, receivables… the list goes on and on!  Your intention of doing this whole Social Media thing is high and you know it’s important to do it, but you just don’t have the time!  That’s where we can help.  Let us post on your social media profiles for you! We will research your industry and post content that is relevant to your personal business as well as your industry as a whole.  And we’ll have some fun with it too!


Contact us today to get started creating your online reputation with social media.  (630) 802-1119 or (608) 957-1459.